QVEX Lynepad: macro keypad

Press shortcuts, or run complex macros using a single action. With 11 keys, a rotary joystick, and a thumb wheel

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What is it?

QVEX Lynepad is an additional, fully programmable keyboard suitable for any kind of design work including photo editing, video editing, PCB design, 3D modeling and so much more. It allows you to press shortcuts or run complex macros using a single key.You can define a separate layout for each application running on your PC.

Easy to setup & configure

Thanks to the possibility to easily set the properties of individual keyboard elements, you can easily adapt everything to your own needs. We are preparing a desktop application for you, which will allow you to easily configure Lynepad with cross-platform support. Just download the app and start customizing Lyanpad to your own needs!

AHK support

The default way of setting up the Lynepad. This is for windows only.

QMK support

You can use the QMK configurator to set up the Lynepad  before the application is ready.

QMK configurator

QVEX Options app

(coming  soon)